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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
12:55 am - Election
OKay, I'm really really happy that Obama won, it looks now like my 375 projection will be off by three (Montana - thanks Bob Barr), and that my Senate projection at 59 with two independants will be right, if Frenken wins MN, but that is still a tossup. Personally I'm happy we arent at 60, this way we can throw Liberman the fuck out on his ass and he can suck on his sad sorry seniority as a distant memory.

But why are we down on gay issues all over the country? As I go to sleep tonight these are the numbers from CA prop 8 and Arkansas' act 1:

8Y Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry1,868,32453.4%1,633,45746.6% 
Prooposed Initiative Act No. 1 For

Seriously what the fuck?!?!

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008
1:25 pm - The times they are a changin'......
Just in short for people out there:

Starting next week or the week after I'm going to be employed with The National Committee on U.S. China Relations. I'm moving to NYC, and am totally psyched about this upcoming phase of my life.

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008
10:29 pm - Post
I don't often post, but here's one just because.

Just for multiple people to know, I'll be in the east for the majority of June, from NC to NY, so If you'd like to hang out, call me over the next week or so to chat. Posts here don't count, I'll likely forget.

I have to make a decision about grad school soon. Id applied last year and gotten in some places, and decided not to go, and I'm not sure if that was the correct decision. Ive been working hourly and taking some courses at a local state grad school in prep work for a possible developmental econ MA, but the more I think about accepting grad school admission for next year the less and less I want to go. I need to make a decision in the next few months, mostly, if I dont go, I'm not entirely clear what it is I'll be doing. I dont really want to end up like the other people I know who are in grad school, unhappy.

Ive had some job offers. Mostly they fall into three camps. The 40k-90k pay range, which pays well but is likely to suck out my soul, (yes the 90k offer was particularly insidious, no I cant lobby for the patriot act) the 10-25k range, whereby I cant afford to feed myself let alone put a roof over my head, and the overseas job (and Im kinda feeling like I understand why people want to come to the US these days, development has its percs). I feel like turning down most of these opportunities were good decisions, but perhaps I shouldve shipped myself back overseas in a more professional capacity. One offer in Malawi was particularly interesting, if I didnt mind not having running/drinkable water or sanitation for my two year commitment.

I did have a strange experience tonight. I received a phone call from an ex to someone who they were clearly supposed to meet and was late. The Ex clearly misdialed me instead of who (I'm guessing) was likely the current boy toy as I recieved the flirtatous voice on the other end of the phone. Once they realized who I was they promptly hung up on me. While I havent heard from this person in a long time and that doesn't really bug me, I have to say Im particularly offended at their inability to at least say hi on the phone. Am I wrong that hanging up on someone like that is rude? I guess that just what Ive come to expect from people in general, but I guess this person in particular. Mostly I'm amused at the slip up, and hope this individual is suitably embarrased, but thats just because im a vindictive asshat who is generally a bitter person.

Dixie con in a week and a half, 5 days of poker, Dip, and other random games likely combined with heavy drinking.

Other recent highlights:
*Cinqo-delicious celebration whereby we visited 5 taquerillas and 5 tequilla bars in the mission of SF to celebrate the fifth of may
*Several trips to SF opera and theatre. Two recent bests were Der Zauberflaute (points for non-looked up translation and author) and Sam Shepard's "curse of the starving class"
*Finally kicking the WoW additction. They released new content we beat in 2 weeks. When I was part of crappy guilds, I complianed, but at least I had stuff to do in WoW. Short of PvP, at some point there really isnt too much to do anymore.
*pulling 3 straight quarters of 4.0 GPAs at local college to fufil requirements for grad programs in econ making it the three highest grade cumulatives I ever recieved and I still didnt do any work.

I'm still working on that spelling thing, perhaps I'll get to that later

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Thursday, January 10th, 2008
1:23 pm - Status Update
Okay I owe an entry for those of you who keep track of things, so here it is. Goings on in my life are pretty uninteresting right now, so feel free to skip to the end.

So I'm reapplying to grad shcool. I got i some places and decided I didnt want to go back to school last year. I cant remember why I decided this, or what I was thinking, but I did. So, mostly its a litany of the same locations. I figure the result will be mostly the same, which is cool because i had some fine options.

Ive been in process with the foriegn service. Im on step 4 of 5 of their testing/application process and Im travelling to DC to take my final interview this weekened into early next week. I'm pretty sure I have to just prove im not a complete 'tard in person and they'll let me in, but who knows. They might turn me down. But the goal is get in, get some real work in Int'l economic issues and then go back and get a degree, preferably on their dollar. Fun things to note, its lori's B-day, i havent seen her since her divorce and is now married to sloth, so there are a bunch of PTKSers who will be getting together all day saturday for 'linner' and dip, which excites me. Except joe has cats, which im allergic to. Still trying to get a hold of juicy tits who seems to be permentatly afk from any form of communicatin. Although it is possible that I'm attempting to contact him usuing a mispelling of his email, ect. I think goucher is on break, so that will likely be a miss anyway. MIKE CALL ME YOU HAVE MY CELL NUMBER. Also get to see my gma, which is win. I know all of you care about that. I know alot of poeple asked if i was driving to their neck of the woods, but ill be in DC for all of 4 days. Sorry, wont be going anywheres else.

Ive been playing lots of WoW, which is fun, my guild is now 5/9 and 4/5 if that means anything to you. If not, its good, but it also means socially i dont have too much going on around here. Mostly I just dont know anyone, but while I feel like I could get out into the social life of this area, I'm not becuae putting down any kind of roots would mean that this stage of my life (a) existed, and (b) existed with some form of perminency, which im resisting the idea of. Im taking some local classes in econ, because aparently some of the schools were going to make me take undergrad classes anyway. mostly its pretty crappy, and I remember why i liked working so much and not having to deal with classes and teachers, those 2 hr lectures you pay attention to in case a scrap of something useful actually dropped, or they accidentally intellectually stimulate you before they dumb it down. Mostly i feel like a mouse searching for srcaps whos so starving that he barely rouses the enegy to devour a crumb he finds becuase hes so run down. Goucher wasnt much different, but whatever. Being surrounded by people without BAs actually serves to remind me its somewhat nessiary.

Yeah, thats life.Ya'll know how to reach me if you got anything else on your mind, hopefully next week ill be signed over to the govt and they'll send me somewhere nice. Like Paris. Not Baghdad. But if i do sign myself over, i dont think i get a say in that bit.

Oh yeah and I know my spelling sucks, but Im too lazy to spell check. try not to hate me.

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
3:48 pm - Home again (safe at last)
Anyway, I'm back in Cali for an indeterminate amount of time. I dont know exactly when I'll be returning east, but hopefully it'll be for a job. I've applied all over and gotten apx. 20 emails asking me to wait for September or October for hiring. How long does it take to figure out if you want me? Grrr. This is compared to the two I got saying they didnt want me. All in all I feel like I'll have a better clue where I stand after labor day.

That being said I'm still looking, in a few weeks it'll start to become looking unsuccessfully, untill then, I am just waiting. I've started widening the search parameters to include things like the foriegn service through the state department and other things which, while not bad, arent ideal either.

Give me a call or email to entertain, I'll be around.

On a side note, for those of you who wanted to know if the rant in my previous entry was concerning a mutual aquaintence, the answer is likely no. It was concerning a family friend who has since explained why they ignored me. Likelyhood I would post a public rant on a college friend in this space: not likely. To be fair, almost everyone  from college and high school made themselves entirely available and extended only the nicest hospitality for which I am very thankful. I was overwhelmed with kind offers, and I appreciated each one, even those I didnt take up.

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
11:23 am - Last bit o time here
So last week I stayed with Erin, which was nice. New York is a pretty cool place if you are hanging out with people who live there.

Last weekend was Husky con, the ending event of what would otherwise have been an unplanned five weeks. I'll spare you all the boring details and just end with I played what was perhaps the best weekend of gaming in my life. I won everything I played all weekend, including two rounds of play testing a new game David Norman (professional gave developer) is working on, three other games I'd never played before against experienced people, and two games of puerto rico, three of settlers, and 20$ in poker. I was on fire. Untill Sunday, when in a moment of euphoria, I pulled France (my favoite country) for my final Diplomacy round. Well I cant say I would do anything differently, but all three people moved against me and i was dead... REALLY REALLY fast. Needless to say I wasnt pleased.

I stayed untill monday however, the extended Husky Con weekend was great, really really great. I love dip, and I love dip people.

This week is unplanned. I drove part way on Monday until the traffic was bad and then stopped at mu uncle's. I did some more of the drive to North Baltimore to visit laura today, and tonite I'm going to silver spring to spend the last three days I have with my grandmother. I levae for CA on sunday.

All in all, I had a really geat time on the east coast return from China tour. I'm really pleased with every aspect except two. One, that I still dont have a job, and two that there is one person I am intensely pissed off at, due to never callling, ignorning invites, and being a generally confusing, sending mixed messages, and well you get the picture. Being in a situtauon for weeks of being increasingly angry with someone sucks, but hey thats the game that people choose to play sometimes. Leaving the east coast is going to help I think, seeing as this situation will likely bear no further developments on my part, regardless of job location. I've put too much time effort and though into this as it is. While I feel like i want to be done, I'm now doubly pissed at the fact that I spend so much time still thinking about it. ARG!

Anyway, hope my ambiguous rant doesnt piss anyone off, and I dont think anyone will think its them except the person who it actually is. I'm off to my grandmother's and I'll be off line for a few days, but I still have my cell if anyone wants to entertain me for my last few days. Even phone calls are nice as I'll be sitting and staring at TV at my g-na's.

Be well, all of you.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
1:05 pm - Busy as hell but not in a good way
Life has been going well, except for perhaps the most important part: getting a job. Apparently people move way more slowly than i would have liked on this type of thing, and expecting responses to jobs inside of three weeks of sending out my information is unreasonable.

That being said I've been doing lots of great stuff. After the wedding I spent a week in my mother's office helping out some but mostly just applying for jobs. Doing 30-40 some jobs apps feels like crap by the way. Its really easy to identify the wet dream of a job, but my chances at getting them aren't really as great as it could be. For example, I applied for one job which would have me coordinating non profit's efforts with the philanthropy organizations who fund them. I would be responsible for traveling to see each organization I worked with twice or three times a year, and I would be responsible for five to six organizations. Clearly these business trips could be strung together. I would track their spending, make sure its legit, and give advice on how to further their goals of development with a broader understanding of the political structures of community issues i was supposedly taught in college. Now certainly I could do this job and I'd love it. But whether they'd give it to me or not is a-whole-nother story.

Last weekend was Rhode Island. Which was awesome. Really really great. I loved seeing everyone and remembering why it was we hung out in the first place. We never really did have everything in common, in fact we disagreed on alot of shit and never always into the same things, but we did have a group dynamic which I miss. Its a dynamic which must have just been a strange conjunction of people in the moment, because its something that I don't think will ever be replicable again. And thats sad, partly because i know the more we grow older the fewer times we will have to get together and relive that, and partly because i likely didnt understand what i had when I was in college to appreciate it. So thanks guys for giving my future friends and ideal to work for.

After the weekend in RI, I went to south jersey to hang out with my cousin. He just turned 14 and he is a shrimp. I love him alot, but he really needs to grow up. As an example, we were home just the two of us watching on demand TV, and i suggested a movie that was rated R. He proceeded to see why it was rated R and say, oh it has adult content, I cant watch it, and I said, Why? He responded "because there might be naked girls and I'm not allowed." Isnt hanging out with your 23 year old cousin supposed to be that first time you try to sneak a movie like that as a 14 year old instead of confessing and bowing out? I never would have known, and probably have through, "kudos to you" if i had. Anyway, we went to a water park. He played in the kiddie area a bunch. It was okay, but not too exciting.

Last thursday I went into the city with Lynn and Dave, my second parents, to meet erin for dinner and we went to a botche/library/bar. It was uber cool, as it was an ex-library where they left all the shelves on the walls but took them out of the middle and added a botche ball court and some alcohol. Anyway, we had a nice time.

Last weekend was alex's party, which was awesome even if colin was a pansy ass and decided not to come. I hung out with laura for the first few hours but after she left i was definitely drunk enough to introduce myself to random people and start conversation. I definitely had a belligerent conversation with someone about free trade and development which was amusing as hell. Anyway, Sat we hung out again, smaller group plus colin and shira, and ended up driving all the way to trenton to go to a wawa, and sunday one last time we went to play mini golf. All and all it was nice to be back in westfield. I grew up hating the suburbs, but it wasnt so bad, and seeing people was nice. I would have to say the weirdest moment was sudnay night, going over to a person's house i hadnt seen in 9 years. very strange. Anyway....

This week I spent some time at colin's in NJ and some at erin's in the city. Both work during the day, so theoretically this was a good opportunity to do more job stuff, but it ended up being a relaxing week on the last few weeks of pretty fast paced stuff for a guy who isnt working. Colin and I didnt do much, but Erin has been taking me out all over the place making drunk library botche look plain.

The first night I was here we aet cuban food and we went to an AWESOME concert for a band called Quintis. Aparently she knows the drummer, and they were great. It was on the lower east side, small venue, five bucks, perfect reason to live in a city. Last night we went to walk on the brooklyn prominade, which is a park right across the east river from manhattan and at night, when the city is lit up, it is goegeous. Anyway, erin has been showing me a good time each night in the city because my days have been kind of boring.

This weekend is husky con, I'm looking forward to actually playing some Dip, hoping I wont get my ass kicked. Maybe colin will be there, knowing him recently, he wont, or hell show just to say hi. but i could be wrong.

Dont know how many people actually like me enough to read all this, but hopefully some does, i'm on the east coast till the 25th aparently, I'll be in DC next week with my grandmother and mother after a brief detour to see laura. Give me a call if you want to see me before i go back to CA, who knows when I'll be back.

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Monday, July 30th, 2007
11:55 am
Life continues on.

I went to a wedding this weekend. And its interesting how inportant
seminal moments in other people's lives can force you to take stock of
things that are going on in your own. Sara, the bride, is like my big
sister, although she isnt, and this weekend I found out she is
actually a total pot head. Not that there is anything wrong with that,
just shocking. I asked my parents if they would come to my wedding if
I married a non jewish girl, my mom said no, my dad said yes, she said
she would divorce him if he came. Im not even sure what I should say
to that. The wedding was gorgeous, a blending of catholic and jewish
rituals in a nicely secular setting. On the way home my mother used
the word secular to describe the wedding, used it like a dirty word. I
love my mother, but she can make me nuts.

Most of all weddings make you take stock of those people who really
care about you in your life, in both a friendship and relasionship
context. I miss my friends from college, quite a bit, which is why I'm excited to be seeing people over the next few weeks. In terms of relationships, well beat the hell out of me. Iwent to go see Caroline last weekend. The one thing we could agree on the way into the weekned was that our... whatever it is... was in need of closure and clarification. In many ways it seems like the only thing we didnt get, but hey.

Seriously, I'll be everywhere from Boston to DC, if you want to hang out please let me know.

Above all these days I'm thinking about the future. It seems like
everything is going to be defined by my job situation over the next
month. If i get hired, where, doing what, and getting paid how much.
So I wait, and I am apprehensive.

In the mean time I'm doing fun things to take my mind off the numbness
of waiting, life is enjoyable when I'm doing nothing but concentrating on having fun.

Hope all is well with everyone out in cyberspace.


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Friday, June 1st, 2007
6:18 pm - Wow...
I figure I owe some response to the slew of Goucher friends postings and such in the last 48 hours or so.

Firstly, I'd like to say congrats to Ben... big big congrats. I'm a bit surprised, but I havent seen you in a long while, I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Also I'm a bit offended you didnt feel the need to seek my aproval... but dont worry retribution is comming. This bit really belonged on a response to your live journal, but as this website is blocked here in China, I have to through an anonymizer which can allow postings, but not comments. I dont know why, but then again, I am still trying to figure out how LJ is a subversive website.

Secondly, alot of people have been asking me when I'll be comming back, and the answer is July. I fly to the east coast on the 20th and I'm going straight to DC to see my... grandmother... and others... which is really exciting. I'm planning on heading up to Vermont for a family wedding the weekend of the 28th, and hoping to start work sometime shortly after. I'm still looking around, but actually getting a job is a long while off. I know I'm normally a lazy bastard but Ive actually sent my resume to over 15 places, mostly in the DC area. I'm hoping to be either in DC, NY, Philly, Boston, or SF. Namely, somewhere nice while I figure out grad school. (aka build up the desire for another few years of school) Some places are currently winning out over others, but I think some... other factors ...have yet to weigh in on exactly where I'll be.

Then again, I havent figured out exactly what kind of job I' looking for either. Ive recently decided I'd like to model my life path after Paul Wolfowitz... minus the evil... and I could do without the scandel, but I wouldnt mind making world news headlines.

Its interesting that I am writting this now, a new trip of Goucher students are in town here this week, got to hang out with some of them. Which was fun.

In other news I'm doing recording and edditing work for a new text book here. Recording work here pays rediculously well, I made almost 40$, yes dollars, an hour on my last job, this one isnt quite as good, but still, I am shocked how much my accent buys me here.

Life is good otherwise, I have four weeks of classes left, and a small amount of travel before I come home. I look forward to seeing everyone again, catching up and hanging out. Let me know when you are free between the 23rd of July and the 8th of August and I'll show up on your doorstep looking for some floor space.

Untill then, peace good brothers.

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
5:35 pm
I bring you the following for amusement, I hope it wont disappoint.


Anyway, anything with Finland seems to grab my attention these days.

So I have an interesting few months ahead of me, people are asking what my plans are, well I figure, it best I fill em all in.

Christa and I are traveling over christmas to see some stuff. tHe highlight will be the shaolin temple and accompanying buddhist stuff. itll be a short train trip, but fun, and i look forward to it.

My visitor fun begins on the 29th of Dec, Caroline is coming to visit. Yes thats right, in a surprise move C-lion is coming to Xi'an. She'll be staying for a nice long while, the 13th of Jan. I'm actually leaving shortly after that for USA... I know exciting, where I will be from the 18th or so until the 2nd of Feb. Im coming home mostly to take the GREs, whose scores i need by mid-January, which I will have to beg schools to take late. Anyone who feels the need to go wine tasting in the most beautiful and famous vinyards in the US for those weeks is welcome to come visit me in CA whilst Im home, just let me know if you want. When i come back in feb, my brother is comming for a week with me to China, followed by Colin coming to visit for two, followed by my parents for a week and a half. This leads right into my restarting classes in March. Feb looks like it will be a quite exciting month full of travel and headaches, and more fun than ill know what to do with.

Travel plans are still in the works, but lets just say im hoping to get a picture of Colin and myslef next to a sign which says "Monkey Island", seeing if I cant find one which says "the secret of" to take with me, or bring one which says, "Lechuck's revenge"

Anyway, still thinking about buying a new laptop, ive actually managed to save slightly under 1k American, but i was hoping to use that for travel. The truth is Ive been quite enjoying a steady paycheck ect, but Ive found ive been missing WOW, and the impending release of BC and Caroline's constant telling of her guild's drama, I find I kinda wish I were there raiding as well.

Anyway, life here is good, was kinda sick this week, but the next few weeks are gonna be easy. I'm getting aprehensive about grad schools and stuff, but hopefully it'll all work out.., it always seems to in the end.


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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
8:08 am
Yo just wanted to drop another line to say hi to people.

Trying to do this more and more. Anyway, things are going okay,
I started looking at some grad schools, and man do things look
dismal. But its okay, because look whats coming out!


Hopefully the wont fuck it up this time.


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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
4:28 pm
On a sidebar, ive noticed by reviewing my past entires since graduating I post on LJ whenever i get kinda sad.

Just for clarification, life is actually pretty good. I make decent money, well almost 10$ and hour, and I live okay.

I have at least one really good friend here, and my work has some rewarding aspects.

I spend every week having crazy interesting experiences and adventures, and Im often discovering new and interesting things every time I leave my house. Just in this last week, I saw a newly renovated taoist temple closed since the cultural revolution, I met a chinese man aged 82 who fought in the korean war, I went to a muslim quarter of the city and was close to a very large and historically important pagoda, I made some pottery, cooked several meals, went to eat at many ethnically diverse chinese restaurants, and learned some languages. I often get compliments from other foreigners on my chinese, but i am still constantly frustrated.

Still, after spending the past few years numbing myself down with video games and willful ignorance of the rest of my life, i think i prefer that to having a meanful life where i coast through moderately happy moment and force myself to adhere to a strict schedule of sleep and work.

Oh and I feel like punching lisa in the face.

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4:19 pm
Ive been going through this kinda depressing, "What does it all mean" thing for a while now, and it gets depressing whenever I think about it.

I took it into my head to watch the lord of the rings, and I cant stop thinking about the evening outings to go see the second two right when the opened, or the insanity of extended DVD day every fall. This combined with the whole fellowship shit made me somewhat melancholy. Then I got a package from my parents.

Now getting packages in China rules, especially because my parents always send wonderful things I cant get here. Like mac n cheese. But in it they also put my new yearbook. I know that something went wrong. For starters like only two of my graduating friends was even listed in the class of 2006 section. I mean, i know sometimes it looked like Ben wasn't graduating, but i swear its like someone put a ban out on the 206, or anyone who was ever affiliated with our group. EVER. Colin? Andy? Mike/Count Rugen? Me? i mean, WTF mate? They even got to people affiliated with people... patty? and wasnt the sarge techinically a member of out year? or ... whatever.

Okay, so i thought this kinda sucked, but i was like, okay, ill page through some more. And i get to the departments, and I find wonderful pictures of all the academic departments on campus. All except the poly sci and philosophy depts. God damn it. Know i know that this isnt the people who did the yearbook's fault, Im sure, I, my friends, and my teachers were all extremely lazy. But i swear i have the feeling like someone erased me from my graduating yearbook.

I would like to thank Amanda(I mean this seriously, not sarcastically) for that one picture on the graduation page of her, myself, colin, and Juicy Tits. I know that it isnt much, but i know it not only came from your camera, but you likely made the effort to get it in there. Thanks, i do appreciate it. and if you didnt have anything to do with it... well nuts to you? Hope law school is well, and drop me a line sometime. Although you may never see this anyway.

I will register one complain that was in the hands of the staff of the yearbook, whats with there being like 20 million pages of sports teams? I mean? SPORTS TEAMS? ... i mean i really didnt need to have all the faces of the lacrosse assholes who lived on my floor junior year enshrined but none of my professors...

Well, yeah. This rant is brought to you by what the fuck is life all about, for, and what the fuck and I going to do with it .com.cn.... because apparently everything ends in .cn these days.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
1:36 pm
So why are we not running a group winery again?

I know I shouldnt be making inane Livejournal posts when I owe people an actual update on my life, but really im too lazy to do it.

I'll say this. China is good. not great, but good. I am enjoying myself, but i doubt i'll stay longer than this one year, which means that the search for schools or jobs for next year really must begin in earnest again soon.

Damn didnt i just get over this?

Anyway, if you want to contact me (and this is really for anyone) the best way is via skype, its a free download, so get it。 My name is just adam。sigal so please entertain me。 Just remember the time difference。

Oh and I had some computer probles which i managed to fix, although not entirely. It took a bootleg copy of windows XP (5 yuan = 40 cents) and and equally expensive one of microsoft office. Anyway i am having some typing anomolies, including the intermitent apearance of chinese. Oh did i mention the whole operating system is now in chinese? 杂厂 当和长产 桑三住我 

its okay, im learning to controll that at least.

untill later,
see ya space cowboy.

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Friday, July 28th, 2006
1:38 am
Tomorrow I leave my home on the first of three or so family vacations/trips/fucntions in the next month. Between now and when i leave for China I will have three days at home. Three. I feel like I should be alot more prepared.

Anyway, I realize I owe you all an update on my life, but mostly it has been boring since ive been here, so I'll put in a real entry when i get back from seeing Paul Simon, and I'll do real entries when i get to China too. Untill then i'll leave you with the tought:

Oh R'lyeh? Ya R'leyeh.

if you have 20 minutes to kill the following is a sit I know has something for all of my friends. If you dont, check it out anyway. I recommend opening the pics themselves so you can read the caption. Made me think of alot of you out there in the void.

For the Colonel: 'Paladins'(the second one) and Bluff
For John: GunsnPuss and ClanNosferatu
For Colin: Our Daily Bread and Gamers
For juicy: nymphos
for ben: Respect (thanks for putting up with us)
Caroline: Style and Virginity
Shira: evil mastermind/minion
Amanda: Women's armor and youthful innoncence.
Seinrich for the constant PvE cracks...
and for one about me check out 'rules layers'

Dont know why these reminded me so much of people i knew, odd that geek jokes can do that.

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Monday, June 12th, 2006
12:58 am - Meloncholy
So its beginning to hit me for the first time that not only am I graduated from college but that I may not see many of you for a long long time. I was watching the fallout boy cartoon video, and I starting thinking of all the things we used to do from late night dinner runs, for FOUR YEARS, to smash brothers... oh the smash brothers. Failed DnD campaigns... not to mention the vampire ones with the number of badass characters played by jon and ben. Pimp and NRA playing SWAT games for 40 hours straight in the 206 to catching mice in the apartment. Bad lamentations of weird women scenarios from valentines dinners and watching eddie Izzard to camping trips and diner trips. Frisbee games, board games, and more smash brothers... oh god the smash brothers. All those surprisingly incitful conversations that came from no where, and all those petty fights that god knows why we had. Seeing movies the night they opened from lord of the rings to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Sitting around for hours complaining about SAS, stimpson, or some other funny ass story...

Anyone have any guessess as to the total money they have seen spent at the Nautulus after four years going there?

Anyway, back on topic, just wanted to thank everyone I went to school with for making my college years entertaining.

I miss you guys.

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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
5:59 pm - "Home again, safe at last" -Barenstien Bears
So I'm home, and already bored. Part of this might be beacause my computer is still in the hands of FedEx. Regardless, I promised to keep in contact with people, and this is going to be my step number one in trying, ::shudder:: ...live journal posts.

So im bored, but my mom is talking of the two of us taking a road trip together to go to Mexico... Part of me is pretty excited, part of me is sort of scared. Go ahead and make jokes, its really easy I know.

I have a possibility for a job starting in a week or so, working for the california govenor campaign. Looks like I might get paid too, but I'm not sure how much they will really want me when i tell them I'll be leaving in early August an I need a week off in june.

On a personal note, Ive decided I'm pretty nervous, for some weird reason, to call most of my high school friends whom I havent seen in four years. I left off on a questionable note with some of them, and calling at all feels pretty weird. Who knows why. So most of my time is spent wallowing in that sadness, and well missing people from school. Yeah, you all pissed me off but at least you entertained me.

Anyway, say hi so i know somoene reads this, Im sure I'll find something interesting to say come august.

Speaking of august, Ben and Mike, anyone interested in scheduling that summer house rendezvous for august 12-18? Anyone down in MD interested? or those Long island losers? I know amanda is already up there too.... anyway, get back to me.\\

And I do Love you all, each and everyone of you, even if i feel weird saying it aloud sometimes...

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
5:42 pm - amusement
I notice I generally only post in this LJ for the amusement of others. But, since I promised it would be saved, it seemed that some public space on the internet seemed as good a place as any. If it makes no sense to you, well, oh well. Otherwise, be amused, but not too amused, because it will be at my expense. The following is, aparently, a quotable quote.

anyway, the following is caroline's sister on catching flowers at a wedding:

likealuckycharm: well
likealuckycharm: if she catches it
likealuckycharm: some guy will touch her leg
likealuckycharm: and you'll just sit there
likealuckycharm: and then she'll dance with him
likealuckycharm: and leave you
likealuckycharm: do you know how many couples break up at weddings?
likealuckycharm: well
likealuckycharm: its ur fault
likealuckycharm: you couldnt catch the garter
likealuckycharm: you were tooooo cool
likealuckycharm: so she went off with the italian underwear model who is man enough to go catch it
likealuckycharm: we'll make him chicken parm
likealuckycharm: and he'll have his own chicken dance
likealuckycharm: itll be way cooler
likealuckycharm: and hell probably actually beat us at monopoly
likealuckycharm: :-P
likealuckycharm: caroline wouldnt leave you for an underwear model
likealuckycharm: batman ye
likealuckycharm: s
likealuckycharm: adam pascal yes
likealuckycharm: but underwear models
likealuckycharm: nahhhh
likealuckycharm: they're too sleazy for her
likealuckycharm: and far too unbroadwayish

Joy, I wonder how many underwear models caroline has in her family? All I really know to be scared of is carmine who is aparently all set to come after me if I do something bad....

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
3:41 am - for entertainment, and because it was promised
Your Geek Profile:
Academic Geekiness: Highest
Gamer Geekiness: High
Movie Geekiness: High
SciFi Geekiness: High
Fashion Geekiness: Moderate
Geekiness in Love: Moderate
Music Geekiness: Moderate
General Geekiness: Low
Internet Geekiness: Low

thought youd apreciate it.

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
12:53 am - amusement
::being amusing::

wait, but how......

::monkey dance:: ::stops and looks for a banana:: ::finds one:: ::gets excited:: ::eats banana::


had a nice night, went with ben to the rec room for two-fer tuesdays
1-played pool
2-showed up at seven, only to find out 2 for 1 starts at ten
3-got food
4-played pool, got bored quickly
5-at ten, bought one drink, downed it quickly and left

that was tonite, yup. fun

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